A Year in Provence TV Mini-Series

I haven’t read the book but decided to watch the series in advance. I am saving it for my trip and I hope that it inspires me to pen something similar. A short story perhaps?

The tv mini-series is centred around a British couple who moves to Provence. We get a glimpse of their day-to-day lives from fixing their 200 year old country home to their quirky neighbours. The series hasn’t gotten great reviews but the book has. To be honest, the show does come off a bit slow at times but it is quite funny. I am on the second episode and I am having a hard time watching it from beginning to the end. I’ve paused a few times to attend to other matters. Maybe it’s just my short attention span?

No matter as I am sure the book will be great.

A Year in Provence

A Year in Provence





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Simple Indulgences

We all live very busy lives. A combination of work, school, being a parent/caregiver or other responsibilities. Because of our fast paced, sleep deprived lives it is very important to take the time to make time for ourselves doing things that we love. Whether its 30 minutes of daily meditation or a weekly long bubble bubble bath, every little bit counts. I personally make make an effort squeeze in what I call simple indulgences on a daily, weekly, etc. basis. It helps me de-stress, and keep my sanity (ha ha!).

Daily indulgence:

A cup of tea before bed while watching cooking shows or documentaries.

Lets break this down and start with tea. I love tea. David’s Tea being my go-to purveyor. It’s warming and comforting….the obvious. I like trying new flavours and I don’t have a favourite yet. I like watching cooking shows because a) food porn and b) I like learning new recipes. ¬†I am so into Nigella right now. Her voice is heaven. My other love is documentaries. I can’t fly to Chichen Itza in my private jet tout suite but I have the best seat in the house right in the comfort of my bed.

Weekly indulgence:

I try a new recipe every week. Yes, the cooking shows do bear some fruit. I like to cook but I love eating more so this is a double treat for me. We eat really simple, albeit repetitive dinners that take less than an hour to prepare so once a week I kick it up a notch by cooking new dishes and sometimes attempting to bake.

Monthly Indulgence:

Massage, massage, massage and a full day’s date with the hubs. We try out new restaurants, visit museums, ethnic supermarkets (hubs loves the sauce aisle), theatre, the ballet etc.

st paul de vence provence nice travel

Quarterly Indulgence:

Travel or if I can’t get away a staycation. ¬†Travelling opens the mind and eases the soul. Is that how the saying goes? Even if you can’t go far try doing a staycation. It will give you a chance to experience local hotels and attractions and it will be a fraction of the cost of travelling to a different country.

Yearly Indulgence:

I buy myself something luxurious. Every month I set aside a little something (after expenses have been paid and money put into other funds such as retirement and emergency) and I cash in on my birthday. It’s usually a forever item.

What are some of your little indulgences?