DIY Fall Wreath

Fall is my second favourite season. Pumpkin spice lattes, cool air, the changing colours of the leaves, Halloween…

Lately, I’ve been watching diy wreath project videos and I wanted to try to create something for the autumn months.

I wanted to make something that could change with the seasons and be recycled many times over. I live in a small condo where storage is an issue so I don’t really like accumulating too many things.

This what I ended up with:

fall wreath diy project

This was so much fun to create, easy and cheap too!All the materials came from the dollar store. It’s also not very messy which is great because I am not fond of overly finicky and messy crafting.

You will need:

  • a wreath
  • leaves
  • berries
  • glue (optional)

I wasn’t able to find an empty wreath so I bought one with flowers attached and just plucked it off.

I then tucked in berries and a garland of fall leaves. It looked really cute with just the berries but I thought the leaves made it look more rustic, no?

Glue is optional. In the diy fall wreath videos, glue was used but I plan on re-using the wreath again so I did not use glue. Totally up to you. Mine is displayed indoors so glue will secure your wreath better if it is to be exposed to the elements.

You can also use twine, ribbons and fall-esque flowers of course.

I had materials left over so I put the extra items in a vase and filled it with mini pumkins and pinecones. Again from the dollar store from a couple of years ago.

fall vase fall decor

                                                                   Fall vase set-up. Pardon le clutter.

It’s been holding up well. I dropped it a couple of times when I had to get something from the closet and a few berries fell off. I think it will last the entire season.

For more tips and ideas, go on YouTube:

Have fun creating!

Elegant Ponytail Tutorial

This is a hair tutorial by one of my favourite bloggers, Jennifer from The Daily Connoisseur.  A ponytail that is easy, elegant and quick.  The three things that you will need are a hair tie, a brush and bobby pins. That’s all. With that you get this:

elegant easy hairstyle


Isn’t it pretty? Loves it!

Watch it here: