7 Things: Flowers, Cool Wrapping Paper, Wedding Tissues, Grapes, Coasters, Foam, Terrariums

summer flowers

Pretty flowers in simple white jars at the Farmer’s Market

gift wrap

Paper for gift wrapping

unripe grapes

Unripe grapes on the vine. Did you know that grapes change their colour as they ripen but their juice remain clear?

dried flower coasters

Glass coasters made with dried pressed flowers

french coffee

Coffee foam….the very best part!

wedding favors

She always comes up with the most creative ideas. Tissues for tears of happiness. 🙂

simple terrarium

Simple yet stunning terrarium from crown flora studio in Toronto

7 Things: Random Fall Pics

I don’t really have a particular theme this week, so I thought that I’d just do a compilation of some recent pics that I took.

green grapes wood table plaid napkin

Organic green grapes from my MIL’s house. Going to her place feels like going to the cottage. Their house has a simple and relaxed atmosphere with cloth napkins (of course) to complete the effect. Anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve had grapes so these tasted extra yummy that day.

birthday candles

Birthday cake surprise from T’s dinner. He protested against the melting candles but we thought that it would be a hoot to surprise him.

birthday cupcakes

Another set of birthday candles and treats, this time in the form of cupcakes for my friend D’s dirty 30.

cinderella's castle

Look it’s Cinderella’s castle in the city. I saw this church while walking and I just had to stop and marvel at how pretty this looked. I think that we need to do that more often. To stop and really take notice of our surroundings. Stope and smell the roses. On second thought, the structure looks more like Rapunzel’s tower. Don’t you agree?

agatha paris bracelet

D’s charming bracelet from Agatha Paris

handmade soap soap utopia

This fall it’s all about the handmade soaps. Simple and back to basics. This one is from Soap Utopia. It smells heavenly.

beach sunrise

Not taken this fall but over the summer. This was early in the morning at a beach in Cuba. Now that we are almost approaching the winter months, I am longing for some sun and warm weather. That light is so perfect. Sigh….

7 Things: You Only Live Once

An impromptu post close to midnight inspired by friends who are trying to live by a yolo approach to life. Many laughters, ideas and dreams shared.

To add to that, one of my favourite quotes:

“Live like there’s no tomorrow,
Love like you’ve never been hurt, and
Dance like no one is watching.”

YOLO. Lol 🙂

Sayonara et Ahoj mes amies! xoxo

starbucks with friends

Kentaro and George

starbucks with friends

Fernando and Nate

starbucks with friends

Feeling “Toshified”

japanese coin pleasant encounter

A lesson on good encounters, characters and translation

japanese coin pleasant encounter

tokyo subway map

Crazy subway map of Tokyo

tokyo subway map

Tablescape by Paul Drew

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