7 Things: Notes, Pink Flowers, King Koopa, Balzac’s, Jars, Moon, Red Bow


handwritten notes

Little scribbles from girly friends.

pink flowers

Flowers from my mum-in-law’s garden. She has such a lovely garden filled with peonies and lavander. I love going there when the flowers are out in bloom.

persian chinchilla cat

Of course, we can’t forget King Koopa a.k.a Mr. Marshmallow Man


Coffee weekend break at Balzac’s at the Distillery District with my sister. This was taken at the top of the stairs. See the blonde guy in the white shirt? My sister kept on insisting that it was Chris Hemsworth’s long lost cousin.

glass jars

Kitchen shelf contents at The Mackenzie House. I love the pretty jars!

elgin winter garden theatre moon

The moon at the Elgin Winter Garden Theatre. One of the last Edwardian-style theatres in the world. Imagine getting dressed up to the nines to attend live performances back in the day? It must have been something back then. I sometimes wish that we retained that sense of formality in our modern times.

big red bow

A wedding gift surprise wrapped in a shiny, bold and big red bow from artistic photographer Yianni Tong.

7 Things: Pretty Tights, Seafood and Vegetable Kare Kare, Mini Cake, King Koopa, Cafe Catalonia, Candy Bar, Striped Chair

pink heart tights

Bright pink tights with cute little hearts from Aerie….I can’t wait to wear these when the weather gets warmer.

vegetable and seafood  kare kare

Seafood and vegetable kare kare. One of my favourite Filipino dishes. I am going to try to make this at home but using traditional methods such as grinding and roasting peanuts vs using ready-made peanut butter. The peanut butter is definitely a time saver but it would be nice to make this the old fashioned way. I bet it tastes much better!

mini dessert

Mini dessert bites from the Anna Dello Russo for H&M event.

pewter persian chinchilla

Meet my beautiful pewter persian chinchilla King Koopa.

cafe catalonia

T wanted to eat here but we missed it. Joan Miro was at the Smithsonian museum in Washington DC.

candy bar

Cute candy bar. I love the rainbow Twizzlers!

curtain striped chair

Muted stripes that brighten a serious corner @ The Campbell House


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